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История Tera Online

История Tera Online (Раздел в стадии перевода)

Мир TERA возник тысячи лет назад, когда два титана невообразимой силы, Арун и Шара, встретились в бесформенной пустоте. Мы можем лишь догадываться о том что там происходило, но со временем они уснули. И пока они спали, мир Тера возник вокруг них.

If you look at a map of the world today, you can see Arun and Shara—their sleeping bodies became the two continents that bear their names. Centuries passed, and deserts, mountains, rivers, and forests grew upon Arun and Shara. Yet still they slept.

Even for an omnipotent titan, every sleep is a chance to dream. As Arun and Shara slept, their dreams came to life—life in the literal sense. Arun’s and Shara’s dreams coalesced into the first living beings to call TERA home. These first creatures, twelve in all, had godlike power. Yet it wasn’t long before schemes and rivalries emerged and the gods were at each other’s throats.

All the while, Arun and Shara continued to dream, and their new dreams took shapes familiar to the gods. These new creatures—the mortals--were far more numerous, but far less powerful.

Arun dreamed of ambitious elves, clever humans, honorbound amani, powerful giants, scheming devas, and mischievous poporis. Shara dreamed of sly sikandari, dark gulas and vampirs, fierce wendigos, strange faeries, and serpentine nagas.

In time, the twelve gods would go to war—first against each other directly, and then drawing the mortal races into their battles. These divine wars left most of the gods dead, imprisoned, or otherwise diminished.

The mortal races didn’t escape unscathed. Some—like the sikandari, and most of the giants—were wiped out. Others—like the barakas and the castanics—emerged from the conflict itself. And as TERA begins, the humans, high elves, amani, castanics, barakas, and poporis have banded together…

…and together they’ll fight a menace from beyond their world: the Argons, a metallic race from the Underworld. Unless stopped, they’ll destroy Arun and Shara, and then the dream will end for everyone.

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