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Барака связаны с гигантами, but in turning their backs on the giants' wars of conquest, they avoided their progenitor’s doom on the Day of Flame. Baraka value knowledge of all kinds. They maintain libraries of the accumulated learning of their own people, as well as that of all the world’s races, in every city where they make their homes.

Despite their gentle nature and generally pacifistic philosophy, it would be a great error to suppose baraka are weaklings, for their other great hunger is for balance. Balancing mind and body means that every young baraka learns the arts of combat alongside the arts of knowledge. They are distinguished among all the world’s races for their fierce defense of the weak.


The race of giants was created by Tithus. The baraka clan had gone their own way long since, having chosen to walk a more peaceful path in the pursuit of knowledge. When the gods punished the giants for their ambitions with total annihilation on the Day of Flame, the baraka were spared. Since that time they've been welcome guests in the lands of many other races. The amani have traditionally kept their distance from the baraka because of the unhappy history between amani and giants, but with the new spirit of friendship fostered by the federation, even those old wounds are beginning to heal.


The baraka homeland was destroyed when the gods obliterated the giants and all their lands and cities. Since that time, the baraka have wandered the lands of the world, establishing libraries on both continents, and engaging in many scholarly projects that have benefitted all the races of the federation. Though they hope for a new homeland one day, for now they are a nomadic people who enrich the cultures they touch by recording and honoring their histories.

Baraka Today

Baraka are at the forefront of federation exploratory missions. Their encyclopedic knowledge of the world’s history and cultures, along with their propensity for recording virtually everything, makes them a valued addition to the world’s knowledge, while their fighters are second to none from the Island of Dawn to the argon front.

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